Commission on Ending Homelessness

The Commission on Ending Homelessness is a joint Commission of the City of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County.  It is the governing body of the CoC.  There are 16 voting commission members, five of whom are appointed by the City, five of whom are appointed by the County and five are nominated by the operating cabinet.   The Mayor and the Chair of the County Commission shall select the chair person.    The Commission is responsible for selecting an HMIS lead organization and appoint representatives from our CoC to the Statewide Governing committee for the HMIS implementation.  The Commission shall approve all funding recommendation to the City of Winston-Salem for inclusion in the CoC application.   The Commission is also responsible for the development of the strategic vision of the CoC and the assessment of any unmet needs related to services for people experiencing homelessness.

2020 WSFC CoC Gov Charter approve March 2020

16 members

City Council Appointments 
Name Expiration
Jim Goodwin, Chair (BB&T) 6/20
Alan K. Hodges (Hanes Brand) 11/17
Forsyth Co. Appointments
Forsyth Co. Appointments TYP
Daniel Anthony (Attorney) 2021
Shane Atwood 2/22
Brandy Sullivan 1/21
 Susan Appt 1/21
 Rahim Skinner 7/22
Operating Cabinet Appointments
Max Goeling, Chair 10/2021
Ron Hairston (consultant) 1/2021
Kelly Church
Robert Martin
Ex-Officio, Non-Voting Members TYP
City Council Member
Tonya McDaniel, Forsyth County Commissioner

Andrea Kurtz United Way of Forsyth County

Tim West, City of Winston-Salem

Dan Kornelis, Forsyth County

Commission on Ending Homelessness (COEH) Meeting Minutes


1.20.22 COEH Meeting Minutes

2.17.22 COEH Meeting Minutes


1.7.21 COEH Meeting Minutes

2.1.21 COEH Meeting Minutes

3.1.21 COEH Meeting Minutes

4.6.21 COEH Meeting Minutes

5.3.21 COEH Meeting Minutes

7.1.21 COEH Meeting Minutes

9.1.21 COEH Meeting Minutes

10.20.21 COEH Meeting Minutes

12.2.21 COEH Meeting Minutes (JG Proofed)


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