WSFC CoC – Operating Cabinet

Membership of the operating cabinet is determined on  a bi-annual basis.  Members are elected by the full council according to the following categories one representative from each program represented on the Housing Inventory Chart,  one representative from a street outreach program, one representative from the City of Winston-Salem and/or Forsyth County, One representative of the Veteran’s Administration, One representative from the Veterans Administration Salisbury Medical Center, two representatives from homeless service providers not in the HIC, one representative from the local education agency, one representative from the local management entity,  one representative from the Housing Authority of Winston-Salem, one homeless or formerly homeless individual,  two representative from faith-based organizations, one representative from  health care series, one representative from affordable housing developers, one representative from local law enforcement and one to sixteen other at-large members

Please see charter for more information:

2020 WSFC CoC Gov Charter approve March 2020

Ex Officio Members

Tim West, City of Winston-Salem, Administrator & Collaborative Applicant
Andrea Kurtz, United Way of Forsyth County, Administrative Agent


Chair, Max Goelling
Vice Chair, Twana Roebuck
Secretary/Treasurer  Reni Geiger

Council Meeting Minutes




1.21.20 OC Meeting Minutes

2.18.20 OC Meeting Minutes

3.17.2020 OC Meeting Minutes

4.21.20 OC Meeting Minutes (Reni approved)

5.11.20 OC Meeting Minutes

6.16.20 OC meeting minutes (Reni approved)

7.15.2020 OC Meeting Minutes (special meeting convened for State ESG CARES Act funding review)

7.21.2020 OC Meeting Minutes- Final (Reni approved)

8.18.20 OC Meeting Minutes (Reni approved)

9.15.20 OC Meeting Minutes

10.20.20 OC Meeting Minutes

11.17.20 OC Meeting Minutes

12.15.20 OC Meeting Minutes


2019 & older

4.16.19 OC Meeting Minutes

3.19.19 FC OC Meeting Minutes- final

2.19.19 OC Meeting Minutes

12.18.18 OC Meeting Minutes

11.20.18 CoC FC & OC meeting minutes (TW, Reni approved)

10.16.18 OC meeting minutes

9.18.18 FC & OC meeting minutes

8.21.18 OC meeting minutes final

7.17.18 FC & OC meeting minutes- edited

6.19.18 OC meeting minutes

5.15.18 FC & OC meeting minutes

4.17.18 OC Meeting Minutes-RRG

3.20.18 FC & OC meeting minutes

2.20.18 OC meeting minutes-RRG

1.16.18 FC & OC meeting minute

12.19.17 OC Meeting Minutes

11.21.17 Full Council and Operating Cabinet Meeting Minutes

10.17.17 OC meeting minutes

9.19.17Full Council & Operating Cabinet Meeting Minutes

6.20.17 OC meeting minutes

5.16.17 Full Council & Operating Cabinet Meeting Minutes

4.18.17 OC meeting minutes

3.21.17 Full Council and Operating Cabinet Meeting Minutes


2.21.17 OC meeting minutes

1.17.17 OC meeting minutes