If you are experiencing homelessness or a housing crisis and need help, please call 211 to be connected to programs in the community that can assist you with your specific needs.  The CoC is a planning body focused on supporting and improving services to the homeless in our community.   As a part of this work the CoC staff support the following projects:


The WSFC CoC supports the use of the North Carolina Homeless Information System (NC HMIS) for all agencies in serving people who are homeless in Forsyth County.  This data base is administered so as to provide the maximum privacy for individuals receiving services in our community, while helping our partner agencies better serve their clients through improved communication and planning based on real time data.

Community Intake Center (CIC)

The Community Intake Center is a project of the WSFC CoC which helps to prioritize access to supportive housing resources for the most vulnerable people in our community. People experiencing homelessness who are interested in supportive housing programs may be referred to the CIC by any homeless shelter or outreach program in  Forsyth County.

The CIC operates with a philosophy of progressive engagement.  The CIC team focuses on identifying the least intensive supportive services necessary to help people who are homeless in Forsyth County move into permanent housing. The CIC connects over 300 households annually to supportive housing resources and works with all homeless service providers in the community to ensure that all people experiencing homelessness are able to find a path back to permanent housing.