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The WSFC CoC is proud of our achievements towards ending  Veteran Homelessness.  In October 2014 we were recognized by USICH as having completed the Mayor’s Challenge, making veteran homelessness in our community  rare, brief and non-recurring.  In order to achieve this result, the WSFC CoC focused on building relationships between organizations in the community that serve homeless vets to ensure that homeless veterans received the support they needed to end their housing crisis.   CoC partners also identified barriers created by our system for veterans to access housing supports.  By building relationships between community agencies and re-designing systems to more efficiently move veterans from homelessness into housing we have created a system in which we can re-house a homeless veteran in under 30 days from identification.

To sustain this achievement we must continue our work building a system that supports homeless veterans.  While we  hope that no veteran becomes homeless,  there are many reasons a veteran may face a housing crisis.  Our goal is to re-house any veteran who becomes homeless within 30 days.  A key to this work is sustaining the partnerships between organizations that serve veterans. In addition to support from Mayor Allen Joines, the CoC includes several partners that focus specifically on serving homeless veterans:

FRRC: Veteran’s Program

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Veterans Helping Veterans Heal

Veterans Administration

Homes for our Heros