WSFC CoC Policies and Procedures

WSFC CoC Policies & Procedures- All organizations receiving funding by recommendation of the CoC for either Continuum of Care of Emergency Solutions Grants are bound to these policies and procedures:

Governance Charter

2020 WSFC CoC Gov Charter approve March 2020

Policy and Procedures:

WSFC CoC Strategic Plan

WSFC CoC Strategic Plan Final Copy (Approved COEH June 2018v)

Community Intake Center

The Community Intake Center is the WSFC CoC’s coordinated intake process.  Individuals experiencing homelessness will be connected to the CIC for prioritization of housing services through community access sites.  Theses sites include all emergency shelters and street outreach programs participating with the CIC.  For more information about becoming and access site or to connect with coordinated assessment services please contact 336-721-9327


Forsyth Rapid Re-Housing Collaborative

The Forsyth Rapid Re-Housing Collaborative is a partnership of CoC member organizations providing rapid re-housing services.   For individuals seeking services, please contact the CIC or CIC access site.  For organizations interested in participating in FRRC and offering rapid re-housing services please email  All organizations participating in FRRC are bound by the FRRC Policies and Procedures.

NCHMIS Policies and Procedures